How to Schedule Your Annual Backflow Test in Phoenix, AZ

As a conscious business owner or homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona, ensuring the safety and quality of your water supply is crucial. But, it’s not something you probably think about everyday. One essential clean water maintenance task that often goes overlooked is the required annual backflow test (or certification). In this article, we are going to explain how to schedule your annual backflow test in Phoenix, Arizona.

The grounds outside of your business are likely already equipped with a backflow preventer device. (You may have one on your residential property too. It’s not as common, but also not unheard of). A Backflow prevention device is designed to protect the public water supply from potential contaminants. As such, regular testing is essential to ensure this device functions properly. In this post, we will delve into the importance of backflow testing, how the entire process works, and we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on scheduling your annual backflow test.

Quick Answer:

To schedule your annual backflow test in Phoenix, AZ, reach out to a licensed and insured backflow services provider to make an appointment. Call 602-610-0873 to reach Surprise Backflow Testing & Repair. This company is 100% focused on backflows and they serve the entire Phoenix area.

First – What Is “Backflow?”

Backflow occurs when water flows in the opposite direction from its intended path. This can unintentionally bring contaminants back into the clean water supply. This reversal of flow can happen due to changes in water pressure (such as during a water main break or when a hydrant is being used for firefighting purposes). Backflow of liquid can contaminate the potable water supply with harmful substances like chemical fertilizers, bacteria, and other pollutants, posing serious health risks to the community.

Backflow prevention devices are installed to prevent this scenario. Like any piece of mechanical equipment, backflow preventers require regular maintenance and testing. An annual backflow test ensures that these devices are functioning correctly and effectively safeguarding our public water supply in Phoenix. Click here to learn more about the backflow tests we do at Surprise Backflow Testing & Repair.

How to Schedule an Annual Backflow Test in Phoenix, Arizona

The backflow testing process is always conducted by a certified professional, such as a licensed plumber or backflow specialist. Here’s what you can expect when a contractor comes to your business/home to perform a backflow test:

1. Choose a Certified Tester

In Phoenix, Arizona, it’s essential to hire a certified backflow tester to perform the a backflow testing/certification. Look for reputable plumbing companies or backflow testing services with experienced technicians who have the proper certifications from recognized organizations. Phoenix publishes an official list of certified backflow testers every year, but this list doesn’t always tell you which tester is closest to you or which company offers the best customer service. That’s why we recommend choosing us here at Surprise Backflow Testing & Repair. We’ve been in this business for 14 years and we guarantee great service. Call us at 602-610-0873.

2. Help Locate Your Property’s Backflow Preventer Device

The next step is to locate all the backflow prevention devices on your property. These devices are commonly found at cross-connections between potable and non-potable water systems, like irrigation systems, fire sprinkler systems, and some commercial equipment. Sometimes in Arizona, these devices aren’t easy to find. Your backflow tester might even ask you if you know where the device is located. Give them any information you can to make their job easier, but if you don’t know where the device is, that’s OK, they’ll be able to find it.

3. Allow Time to Test

The certified backflow tester will use specialized equipment to evaluate the functionality of the Backflow prevention device (or devices) on your property. The process usually involves checking valve seals, testing the water pressure, and performing flow tests to ensure that the system is operating as intended. This can take from 15-30 minutes depending on the device. Once they determine whether or not your backflow preventer is up to code, the backflow tester will either give your assembly a “pass” or a “fail.” A passing test will mean you’re good for another year, and a failed test will mean that you’ll need to schedule repairs. Some backflow testers don’t handle repairs, but at Surprise Backflow Testing & Repair, we do! We can often handle repairs the same day as your backflow test.

4. Make Sure Your Results Are Submitted

After completing the test, the technician will document everything and provide you with a copy of the results. This documentation is essential for regulatory compliance and insurance purposes in Arizona. Most testers will submit your results for you directly to the local water authority. If they don’t specify, ask them if they will be submitting your test results, just to be sure.

5. Take Note of Any Maintenance and Repair Needs

If any issues are identified during the test, the certified tester will recommend necessary repairs or maintenance to bring the backflow prevention devices up to standard. Promptly addressing these concerns is crucial to maintaining the safety of your water supply. The tester may also make recommendations for further maintenance throughout the year.

6. Schedule Your Test for the Following Year

You should receive a notice from the city or county every year stating when your annual backflow test is due. This is when many people start reaching out to backflow testers again. While you’re getting your test, it wouldn’t hurt to ask the tester if they could put you on their schedule for the following year. At Surprise Backflow Testing & Repair, we can schedule a year in advance to make sure that your backflow assembly never misses a testing date.

Why Is Backflow Testing Necessary?

Annual backflow testing is not just a legal requirement; it also plays a vital role in safeguarding the health and well-being of the community. Here are some reasons why scheduling your annual backflow test is so crucial:

For Legal Compliance

In Phoenix, Arizona, and many other areas, annual backflow testing is a mandatory requirement for both residential and commercial properties. Failing to comply with these regulations can result in significant fines and penalties, and in some cases, water services may be disconnected until compliance is achieved.

To Protect Water Quality

Backflow prevention devices are the first line of defense against contamination of the potable water supply. By testing these devices regularly, you ensure that any potential issues are promptly identified and addressed, keeping your water safe to drink and use.

To Ensure Device Functionality

Like any mechanical equipment, backflow prevention devices can experience wear and tear over time. Regular testing allows you to identify and fix any problems early on, preventing costly repairs and ensuring that the devices continue to function correctly.

To Provide Peace of Mind

Knowing that your water supply is protected and that you are doing your part to ensure public safety provides peace of mind for you and your community.

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