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Backflow Installations in Surprise, AZ

Is your local water authority mandating that you have a backflow preventer device installed at your business or home? At Surprise Backflow Testing & Repair we are proud to provide professional backflow installations to the greater Phoenix metro area. Our experienced technicians get the job done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, we install your devices according to Arizona code. We want to make sure it is done right, from the beginning.

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Types of Backflow Preventer Devices That We Install


An important component that should be part of your home’s sprinkler system is a pressure vacuum breaker. This type of backflow preventer provides protection against the mixing of non-potable water from your sprinkler system with your home’s potable water supply. These type of backflow systems are usually located at hose reels and irrigation assemblies.

We can install irrigation backflow systems at an honest price.


This is the most common type of backflow preventer device that you will find around the state of Arizona. You see these outside of local businesses and certain residential housing developments. RPZ valves, or reduced pressure zone assemblies, play a crucial role in safeguarding the purity of the public water supply. Their primary purpose is to prevent the entry of contaminants and pollutants into the water system. By installing these backflow preventers in your plumbing system, you ensure the protection of both the drinking water within your premises and the broader city water supply. Among the various types of backflow preventers available, RPZ valves are the most commonly used.

We can install any type of business/domestic backflow preventer device, no matter the brand (Watts, Febco, Wilkins, etc.).


We also handle installation of fireline backflow preventers. This style of backflow preventer plays a vital role in connecting a building’s fire protection system to the water supply it relies on. The primary function of this type of backflow preventer is to guarantee that water within the fire sprinkler system flows in a single direction—specifically, from the water main into the system’s pipes. Commonly referred to simply as “fireline” systems, these can be categorized as either Double Check or RP (Reduced Pressure) devices.

Why Choose Surprise Backflow Testing & Repair?

We are a team of P.I.P.E. certified backflow testers with over 14 years of experience working on backflow systems here in Arizona. We have the experience and qualifications needed to keep your drinking water safe. We can handle almost any backflow installation that you send our way, and we are happy to make a referral if something is beyond our wheelhouse.

We also pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service from our office here in Surprise, Arizona. We are always just one phone call away and we can answer any question you throw at us.

If you need to schedule an appointment for a professional backflow installation in Surprise, AZ (or anywhere in the Phoenix metro area) call Surprise Backflow Testing & Repair at 602-610-0873. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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